NYT Crossword Answers – Tuesday 04/23/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Tuesday April 23, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Followers of the star of Bethlehem, in the Bible MAGI
5. No longer working KAPUT
10. Family nickname SIS
13. Tech giant headquartered in New Taipei City ACER
14. Standing at 6-5, say? UPONE
15. $5 bill, slangily ABE
16. *”Yuck! I’ve dated him before. Swipe left!” OHNOEWHEISMYEX
19. Cry out EXCLAIM
20. “Mmm, that’s good!” TASTY
21. TikTok posting, for short VID
22. Leak slowly SEEP
23. *With 42-Across, “Well, do I decide or not?” SOISIT
27. Kind of training required for most city P.D.s CPR
28. Dangerous kind of current RIP
31. Machu Picchu builders INCAS
32. *”Follow our lead!” DOASWEDO
34. Certain Scotsman GAEL
35. Salvation ___ ARMY
36. Egyptian goddess often depicted with a throne on her head ISIS
37. *”Morning, mother!” HIMAIMUP
39. Voices below sopranos ALTOS
40. ___-la-la TRA
41. Purchase for a college party KEG
42. See 23-Across UPTOME
43. Fleeces CONS
45. Employer of manicurists and massage therapists SPA
46. Lake northeast of Sacramento TAHOE
48. Fruit that resembles a small peach APRICOT
52. *”Can this be a gift from all of us?” OKIFWEGOINONIT
55. $5 bill, slangily FIN
56. Cake frosters ICERS
57. Plethora SLEW
58. French “a” UNE
59. Multilayered cake TORTE
60. Neophyte TYRO
ACROSS Clues from Tuesday 04/23/24


1. His portrait adorns Tiananmen Gate MAO
2. Dull pain ACHE
3. Heirs to the boomer era GENX
4. Classic Camaro IROC
5. Small coastal nation bordering Iraq KUWAIT
6. Rosebush pest APHID
7. One might begin “Roses are red …” POEM
8. Beginning to form? UNI
9. Reviewers of a beta app TESTERS
10. Announces the big reveal in a magic act SAYSPRESTO
11. Words of skepticism IBET
12. Hot, hot, hot SEXY
17. Major role in the 2023 biopic “Priscilla” ELVIS
18. West known for her double entendres MAE
22. Sterilize, as a cat SPAY
23. Sense that many cave-dwelling animals lack SIGHT
24. Sign at a radio station ONAIR
25. Hotel hallway convenience ICEMACHINE
26. Spanish for “room” SALA
27. Provide free of charge COMP
29. “Have a cow” or “hold your horses” IDIOM
30. Entourage POSSE
32. The “D” of F.D.A. DRUG
33. Crumble under pressure WILT
35. Home to Iowa State University AMES
38. “Ha! No surprise there!” IKNEWIT
39. Be ___ in the neck APAIN
42. Rebel UPRISE
44. Reaction to a gut punch OOF
45. Word with bad or blood SPORT
46. Protein categorized on a scale from “silken” to “super-firm” TOFU
47. About the same AKIN
48. Ending with screen in a modern portmanteau AGER
49. Expense to be paid COST
50. “If ___” (rueful words) ONLY
51. Cake layer TIER
53. Prefix suggesting conservation ECO
54. Number of letters in every word of the answers to the starred clues TWO
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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