NYT Crossword Answers – Wednesday 04/24/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Wednesday April 24, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Bread spread JAM
4. Furniture retailer with an arboreal name WESTELM
11. Speck or Serrano HAM
14. International baseball powerhouse USA
15. Pan’s domain, in Greek myth ARCADIA
16. Match chant OLE
17. Letter before upsilon TAU
18. Alternative to Pepto-Bismol IMODIUM
19. Non-neutral entity? ION
20. Like proverbial milk SPILT
22. Down ___ (memorized) PAT
23. Distributed, with “out” METED
25. “Before Sunrise” actor HAWKE
27. Like lizards and fish SCALY
29. “Pass along my regards” SAYHI
30. Gives off EMITS
32. “That’s gross!” EWW
33. Tragic NASA mission of 1967 APOLLOI
37. Regulation followers, in brief OTS
39. Word often confused with “fewest” LEAST
41. Food in “Sing a Song of Sixpence” PIE
42. “To god,” in French ADIEU
44. It allows for venting SLIT
45. 1983 comedy about a stay-at-home dad MRMOM
47. Off-roaders, for short ATVS
48. Designer Saab ELIE
49. “You game?” WANNA
50. Some spirits RYES
51. “Slow down!,” spelled unusually WOAH
53. Revolutionary car part AXLE
55. Old Testament prophet ISAIAH
58. First line of a classic Dr. Seuss book IAMSAM
62. Feature of this puzzle’s grid and the answers to the six starred clues LATERALSYMMETRY
66. Airport code in Queens LGA
67. Get one’s act together SHAPEUP
68. Sounds of hesitation UMS
69. Down SAD
70. Bottomless pit ABYSM
71. Media inits. since 1851 NYT
ACROSS Clues from Wednesday 04/24/24


1. Protrudes JUTS
2. Lickety-split ASAP
3. *Home to Haleakala National Park MAUIHAWAII
4. *”Hold on, repeat that?” WAITWHAT
5. Sound of hesitation ERM
6. Viewing aid SCOPE
7. Word after a reveal TADA
8. Gets the copy right? EDITS
9. Actor Simu LIU
10. *Musical whose name is an Italian exclamation MAMMAMIA
11. *Highfalutin HOITYTOITY
12. ___ jelly, popular bubble tea topping ALOE
13. Darn, say MEND
21. Word often confused with “lie” LAY
24. Yale student ELI
26. Currency of Laos KIP
28. Corp. bigwig CEO
29. Balloon SWELL
31. “Family Feud” host ___ Harvey STEVE
32. End of an ultimatum ELSE
34. Celebrity whose middle name is Gail, appropriately enough OPRAH
35. Depict in drawing LIMN
36. Lewis who sang the theme for “Avatar” LEONA
38. Figure (out) SUSS
40. “Family Guy” baby STEWIE
43. “You think I won’t?!” DAREME
45. *[Evil laugh] MWAHAHA
46. *Calculus calculation MAXIMUM
52. Is part of a crew OARS
54. It brightens up the room LAMP
55. Unhappy happenings ILLS
56. Epic story SAGA
57. The smallest amount ATAD
59. More than surprise STUN
60. Host ARMY
61. Classic computer game in MoMA’s video game collection MYST
63. Where a cure may be discovered LAB
64. Source of unwanted bugs? SPY
65. “Absolutely!” YES
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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