NYT Crossword Answers – Thursday 04/25/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Thursday April 25, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Snap PIC
4. Misfortune WOE
7. Warm-up leader at a race PACECAR
14. Dirty look SC O WL
16. Passionate, as a performance EMOTIVE
17. Seats of power THRONES
18. Good and hot ENRAGED
19. Signal to snap HUT
20. Kind of workout class SPIN
21. Longtime judge on “Britain’s Got Talent” and “America’s Got Talent” SIMONC O WELL
27. Alternative PLANB
29. Small power sources AAS
30. Plant with lance-shaped leaves ALOE
31. Surrounded HEDGEDIN
33. Fords discontinued in 1959 EDSELS
35. Lit part of an 11-Down END
36. One wearing stripes REF
37. “Thanks for sharing … not!” TMI
38. Gender prefix CIS
39. “Doesn’t matter to me” NOLOSS
41. Mixtape medium CASSETTE
43. Ready to move on from OVER
44. Wicked stuff? WAX
45. Jazz singer Carmen MCRAE
46. City in the Pacific Northwest with a Russian-sounding name MOSC O WIDAHO
50. Puzzle (out) SUSS
51. Musician Brian ENO
52. The tiniest bit ONEIOTA
56. Quarterback’s pass ATTEMPT
60. Big name in sports betting FANDUEL
61. “Wow!” … or a phonetic hint to this puzzle’s theme HOLYCOW
62. Globe, for one THEATRE
63. Uncover dirt, in a way HOE
64. “Me!” IDO
ACROSS Clues from Thursday 04/25/24


1. Vegas winter hrs. PST
2. German pronoun ICH
4. 1, 2, 3, etc. WHOLENUMBERS
5. Have because of OWETO
6. Leads of “La La Land”? ELS
7. Low-tech security measures on some doors PEEPHOLES
8. Procedure performed by an OB AMNIO
9. Popular backyard game CORNHOLE
10. Important info for a connection, in brief ETA
11. Smoke CIG
12. Address abbr. AVE
13. Detroit ___, nickname for Malcolm X RED
15. Expressing wonder OOHING
20. Instruction to open some restaurant menus SCAN
21. Burdens (with) SADDLES
22. Ingenuous person NAIF
23. Historian’s verb WAS
24. Spider-Man adversary played by Jamie Foxx ELECTRO
25. Novel parodied by Umberto Eco’s “Granita” LOLITA
26. Tenant LESSEE
27. Prodigy PHENOM
28. Laptop brand LENOVO
32. From, in France DES
33. Letters on an ambulance EMS
34. Break down DISMANTLE
37. Something checkered in New York’s past? TAXI
40. Creature of fantasy ORC
41. Harsh cries CAWS
42. Like like like this clue clue clue … ECHOEY
44. Not retail WHOLESALE
47. Sinks the putt HOLESOUT
48. What “ecto-” means as a prefix OUTER
49. Artoo-___ DETOO
52. E’er so frequently OFT
53. “Pass” NAH
54. Suffix with methyl ENE
55. Journalist Tarbell IDA
56. “That’s the spot!” AHH
57. Former AT&T competitor MCI
58. Where peas are queued? POD
59. Powerful card in the game President TWO
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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