NYT Crossword Answers – Saturday 04/27/24

The full solution for the NY Times Crossword puzzle on Saturday April 27, 2024 is displayed below.


1. Small-town issue LOCALPAPER
11. “Father of the American Cartoon” NAST
15. How Super Bowl LVIII ended INOVERTIME
16. James of jazz ETTA
17. Like some coins BIMETALLIC
18. Isle of Man resident GAEL
19. Quip ending? STER
20. Pistol used by James Bond WALTHERPPK
22. Brooklyn’s Saint ___ School ANNS
24. Darling, informally ADORBS
25. Famous frenemy of Manet DEGAS
27. Wrong AWRY
29. Symbol of Ra’s power in ancient Egypt EYE
30. Regatta leaders COXES
31. Runs out of gas FLAGS
32. Longtime offerer of the anagramming game Text Twist MSN
33. Things drawn in a group LOTS
34. Sauce BOOZE
35. Gathers dust, so to speak SITS
36. “The cautious seldom ___” (quote attributed to Confucius) ERR
37. Word with wind or water BORNE
38. Excited outburst SQUEE
39. Blotter letters AKA
40. Capital on the Gulf of Guinea LOME
41. Stick together CLUMP
42. Maker of the first athletic shoe designed for women REEBOK
44. Popular assistant SIRI
45. Company logo derived from a state symbol TEXACOSTAR
48. TV streaming device ROKU
52. Penthouses, e.g.: Abbr. APTS
53. Unfair, to Brits NOTCRICKET
55. Bonus PERK
56. Musical group CHORUSLINE
57. B.C. and others ERAS
58. Trackgoer’s aids DOPESHEETS
ACROSS Clues from Saturday 04/27/24


1. Mad ___ LIBS
2. “Say no more” ONIT
3. Show up COME
4. Sports page listings AVERAGES
5. Cause of a do-over LET
6. Seafood order PRAWNS
7. NASA rocket name since 1957 ATLAS
8. Annoying sort PILL
9. Give out EMIT
10. Get some rest, say RECHARGE
11. One way to order café NEGRO
12. Marked up ATAPREMIUM
13. How many assemble Ikea furniture STEPBYSTEP
14. Be reasonable TALKSENSE
21. Purveyor of products like Churro Caramel Crossroads and Mocha Almond Avenue EDYS
23. “God’s Son” rapper NAS
25. Convenience at an upscale building DOORKEEPER
26. “Do I have news for you!” EXTRAEXTRA
27. 1987 #1 hit for Heart ALONE
28. Modern driving aid WAZE
30. Post office purchase CLEARTAPE
31. Fashion FORM
34. Reading for those who’d rather not read BOOKONCD
35. Hybrid shape with straight edges and rounded corners SQUIRCLE
37. Unified group BLOC
38. Kind of snapper, for short? SLR
41. Ice crystal formation CIRRUS
43. Enjoys some warmth BASKS
44. ___-Coeur (Paris basilica) SACRE
46. Acronymic shopping mecca SOHO
47. Sporty car option TTOP
49. Elizabeth Warren, e.g., self-descriptively OKIE
50. County on the Strait of Dover KENT
51. Big 12 team beginning in 2024 UTES
54. “Not entirely” ISH
DOWN Clues from Sunday 04/21/24

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